We are looking for Canadian healthcare providers that focus on people – not their weight.

Are you a healthcare professional? If you believe in providing good care, regardless of body shape, size or weight, take the GOOD FAT CARE pledge here.

Healthcare categories and professionals we are looking for include: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, Dietitians, Counsellors, Yoga and Fitness Instructors, Physiotherapists, Athletic and Massage Therapists, and all other Allied Health Professionals.

Looking for a healthcare provider? Our searchable database will provide you with a list of Canadian healthcare professionals committed to providing good care without focusing on your weight.


What is Good Fat Care?

Three passionate body peace activists created Good Fat Care after listening to our friends and clients express frustration and despair in finding body accepting practitioners, or providers who practice from a Health At Every Size® philosophy.   We know there are other body peace, size-accepting practitioners out there. Our goal is to bring these practitioners together and connect them with the clients who need them most.

This site is not for profit and was developed as a labour of love on our own time and outside of the work we each do in community healthcare.  Practitioners and wellness facilitators who are listed here must take the Good Fat Care pledge and cannot pay to advertise or to have their name listed.

Prior to developing the site, we fundraised in our community and generated enough donations to cover the webhosting costs for at least three years. Thank you to the generous support that enabled us to make Good Fat Care a reality!

-Lisa, Lori & Amy


The Pledge

Are you a provider that believes in body inclusivity and respect, while not promoting weight loss and diets?

Read about taking our pledge here.