Who Are We?

We are three women who are passionate that the size and shape of your body does not determine your worth, and it definitely shouldn’t affect what kind of healthcare you receive.

Lisa Naylor

Lisa has worked in counselling and community health for over 25 years with a primary focus on body image, eating disorder prevention and treatment. Lisa is a compelling advocate and has made important contributions to policy and public awareness regarding how body image and weight stigma/fat oppression impact self-worth, relationships, mental well-being and physical health. She currently juggles dual roles as a counsellor at a feminist health clinic and as an elected trustee of a school board in Winnipeg, MB.


Lori Peters

Lori received a Masters in Social Work degree with a clinical focus on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. She has been working in this area for 14 years.  Lori is passionate about helping people understand culture’s harmful obsession with thinness and negative impact of weight stigma and fat oppression.  As a counsellor and workshop facilitator, Lori encourages people to make peace with food and their bodies.  Lori is currently employed at a feminist health clinic in Winnipeg, MB. 

Amy Tuckett-McGimpsey

Amy was a Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.) for 10 years before swapping her career in massage therapy for a degree in Communications. She has been involved in numerous advocacy campaigns, including one that focused on fighting against sexualized dress codes and mandatory heel heights in the restaurant industry.  She currently works as a Communications Team Leader/Specialist at a feminist health clinic in Winnipeg, MB.