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Please carefully review the pledge below and if you agree to the principles and practices listed, fill out your information and check off the box pledging your commitment to following these guidelines in your care for clients or patients.

Body Inclusivity & Respect

  • I pledge to be inclusive, accepting and respectful of all body shapes and sizes.
  • I will not classify bodies as “good/acceptable” or “bad/unacceptable” based on BMI or weight.
  • I will not make assumptions about health status based on body size or appearance.
  • I will not label bodies as “diseased”, or subsequently devalue them, based on body size or weight.
  • I will not promote a particular body size/weight/BMI range as “normal” or “right” for everyone.
  • I will take a non-judgmental and positive approach to advancing healthy lifestyle choices, never using shame as a motivator towards health.
  • I pledge to make my practice as inclusive as possible through respectful adaptations for body size (i.e. in physical activity), providing chairs and/or examination or treatment table that will accommodate a broad range of body shapes and sizes.

Nutrition and Health

  • I believe that healthy eating includes eating for energy, nutritional needs and pleasure.
  • I will not promote weight-based rules around how or what to eat.
  • I will not create taboos by classifying certain foods as inherently “good” or “bad”.
  • I will not make dietary recommendations based on a person’s body size. If my professional scope includes providing nutrition education, my recommendations will be based on the nutritional value and/or health benefits of specific dietary changes and not for the pursuit of weight loss.

Physical Activity and Health

  • I believe that people of all shapes and sizes can benefit from moving their bodies in pleasurable ways in order to enhance their health within the range of their individual abilities, limitations and interests.
  • I believe that physical activity may prevent or improve a wide range of health conditions such as cardiovascular heath, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and depression. Physical activity may or may not change body shape, size or weight.
  • I will not promise weight loss as an outcome of activity nor encourage the pursuit of weight loss.   If my professional scope includes providing exercise recommendations, I will provide education and encouragement for people to engage in activities based on their fitness and health benefits.

Weight and Health

  • I do not view weight loss as either positive or negative nor as a sign of improved health.
  • I recognize that weight loss efforts and diets are generally unsuccessful in the long term and may also be harmful to health, ultimately leading to increased health risks.
  • I understand that weight stigma, fat oppression and discrimination may negatively impact one’s mental and physical health.

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The authors of the Good Fat Care Pledge wish to acknowledge that some language and concepts included here were adapted from or informed by the work of:

Women’s Health Clinic Health At Every Size (HAES®) Values Statement
Association for Size and Health Diversity HAES® Expert Guidelines
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